2022 Competition Entry – Details

Entries open on July 1st and close on August 31st

To enter, please send a separate email for each of your entries to nottsbookartscompetition@gmail.com

Subject: Competition Entry <put your name here>

Attach or link: at least one photo of your book. You can send us up to 5 photos and one video of a length of maximal 1 minute length. They will go into an instagram post, so please make them square and of sufficient quality (and in an image format, like jpg). Please make sure that the filename of your photos and videos looks like this:

(yourname)-(book’stitle)-(running number).jpg (or another format)

for example if I submitted two photos and a short video of my book with the title “what I love”, it may look like this:

kurzke-what I love-1.jpg, kurzke-what I love -2.jpg, kurzke-what I love-3.mov

You also need to fill out and sign (have your parents sign if you are under 18) the entry form. You can download the form here.

Only entries that have at least one photo and a completed entry form will be considered as valid entries to the competition.

Body: you don’t have to write anything, but you are welcome to give us any additional information or ask questions if you have any

Questions: You are welcome to send us an email with any questions you have at any time.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

How many books can I enter?
You can enter up to three individual books. We encourage you to make more than three – and then select those that you like best for entry!

I don’t think my book has a proper story. Can I still enter it?
Your book should should be an instant book, and you should have done something to the pages. If you have done these two things, then you can enter your book.
Not all artist books have a story, some are just collections of ideas or concepts. Like the book in the instructional video that lists a number of items. Such a book probably wouldn’t win “best story” but might well score in one of the other categories and clearly qualifies for entry.
And besides, your book might still actually have a story. Not all stories have to have words in them.