Hilke Kurzke – Talking Head (Stevie)

This is Stevie, he’s our guy for all things measured and calculated around here.

This is one of many “talking heads” made by Hilke Kurzke, a body of work about accepting differences of all kind and learn to accept and speak with people that are “other” in different ways.

About the Artist:

Hilke Kurzke is a book artist, writer, and printmaker living in Nottingham, UK.

She is interested in language and in hidden meaning in a very broad sense. She explores the beauty and magic of written language by using secret script and asemic writing in many works. And she also looks at how we speak and hide meaning within the language we use and turns her findings into books and paper sculptures spilling scrolls from their mouths.  

Sometimes she takes the hiding more literally: she has been hiding text behind creased corners of books as well as whole artwork throughout the city (often in libraries) for anyone to find. These pieces might be hiding not only between books but also consist of a shell that needs to be broken to find a message inside.

Buy the Work

Stevie is not for sale at the moment (but might be in the future). You will find more information on different artwork for sale on her website and in her online shop, and you are always welcome to ask questions, discuss work, or ask for a price by sending email to contact@kurzke.co.uk.

Find out more (Link Section)

Website: kurzke.co.uk

Instagram: @buchertiger

Facebook: @buechertiger

Shop: Buechertiger on Folksy