Jenny Stevenson – Shelter

Shelter is part of an ongoing collection of unique books on the theme of homelessness. Made in response to the idea of warmth, it is dedicated to the homeless or those that can’t afford adequate heating during winter and how they might feel looking in to all the houses that look so cosy and warm. The structure is an integral part of the narrative, the pages are formed from cardboard boxes featuring original mixed media collages with cut outs to symbolise windows and the warm glow from within. When the book is closed it wraps in on itself to form a blanket around the houses.

Size: 5 x 15 x 5cm closed

Media used: Paper, card, paint, original mixed media and paper collages

About the Artist

Jenny Stevenson is a collage and book artist living in Derby, UK. Her inspiration comes from exploring new locations, and she has a fascination with buildings and our emotional connection to them.

“I like to discover the story in a place, the history, the feeling of visiting it or how people live – remnants of a past life.”

Her books act as windows to intimate personal worlds that draw you in and immerse you, as the pages are concealed and revealed, the story unfolds. She enjoys combining paper engineering with collage and uses repetition alongside playful elements to show narrative in her intricate handmade books. Paper’s ability to be folded and cut into structural forms and also used as fragments pieced together into collages makes it the perfect medium to bring the marks and memories of buildings to life.


Shelter is for exhibition purposes only, but you will find other artists books for sale in her online shop and more information on instagram and her website.


Instagram: @jennystevensonart

Facebook: @jennystevensonart


Video of Shelter: