Karen Apps – Redacted and Broken


‘Redacted’ was made in 2012, using pages copied from the book ‘The Making and Breaking of Affectional Bonds’ by John Bowlby.

Strips of text were removed to create a new narrative but it is displayed complete with the removed text – the potential for reparation is always important to me.


‘Broken’ is part of and ongoing series of works made in response to Jeanette Winterson’s book  ‘Lighthousekeeping’. “Part broken part whole, you begin again.”

Made 2019

About the Artist

Karen Apps is an artist living in Essex, UK.

Karen Apps started out with an interest in making her own sketchbooks and
this eventually lead her to undertake an MA in Book Arts.  Discovering
that books could be so much more than just containers of words was a revelation
and so began her passion for artists books.

She is driven by a love of the making process itself and often works
intuitively whether with paper or textiles.

Although much of her work relates to childhood and is influenced by theories
of attachment and loss, inspiration can also come from many sources; from a
found text to a quote, an object or an overheard conversation.


Instagram: @artistkarenapps

Website: www.karenapps.com