2022 Alphabetical List of Exhibitors

044 Art Studio

independent online studio based in London

“We sell independent art books related to poems, photography, and illustration.”

Check their website: www.044artstudio.com

Apulhed Originals

imprint of artist Pete Kennedy

“I make images, write words, create books, and do Performance pieces.”

Check their website: apulhed.wordpress.com

Artists Responding To…

artist-led community

“Our greatest passion is combining activism with contemporary art.”

Check out their website: www.artistsrespondingto.co.uk

Frans Baake / Noelle Griffiths (Hafod Press) / Andrew Morrison

three individual book artists, exhibiting together for more than 20 years

Frans Baake’s books are largely concerned with islands – both as locations and metaphors.

Hafod Press (Noelle Griffiths) produces handprinted, small editions

Andrew Morrison’s books use text sequences as images.

Check out their websites/instagram: www.fransbaake.nl, www.andrewmorrisonbooks.uk, @noellegriffithsart

The Book Band

collaborative group of book artists

“As individual artists our work is very varied in style. We work on individual projects, collaborative work and also shared themes.”

Check out their website: thebookband.co.uk

Bookness Collective

a group of nine artists from around the UK

“Our collective have diverse creative practices ranging from printmaking, graphic design and bookbinding to painting, drawing, feltmaking, photography and poetry.”

Check out their instagram: @booknesscollective

Cleeve Press

press run by Nicholas Birchall

“We produce handcrafted letterpress items with originality & sparks of humour. Printed Greetings Cards, Posters, Booklets & Commissioned print.”

Check out their website: www.cleevepress.com

David Armes

visual artist working with print, language and geography

“I have been working primarily with letterpress printing since 2010 and the final forms range from large sculptural paper installations to small artist’s books.”

Check their website: www.redplatepress.com

Edwina Kung

illustrator, fine artist, and printmaker

“My practice consistently explores how we respond to our surroundings to create a meaningful relationships with people, memories, and places.”

Check out their website: www.edwinakung.com

Greta Sharp

a non-binary, queer, disabled writer and artist

“I have been exploring my personal relationship with the sea as a survivor whose trauma is located in my bodymind with sounds, sights, and smells of the British seaside.”

Check their website: gretasharp.bigcartel.com

Hestan Isle Press

imprint of artist Peter Grant

“I specialise in Letterpress printed books and pamphlets.”

Check their website: hestanislepress.co.uk


imprint of book artist Heather Prescott, printmaker, illustrator, and bookaholic

“I make artist books to tell short stories, reflect on environmental issues, explore a project or illustrate a personal interest. I use letterpress, silkscreen and relief printing along with digital image and text.”

Check out their website: www.heatherprescott.com

HR Smoke

imprint of Andrew Smith, artist in the tradition of Neo-Dada

“My artists’ books deal with relations between text and image. I draw on Oulipian techniques, and I am influenced by Conceptual Writing as exemplified by Kenneth Goldsmith.”

Check their website: andrew-smith-h-r-smoke.com



“Eerie or uncanny stories are fascinating to me because of the boundaries that they establish between the real and the unreal and the permeability between both sides.”

Check out their website: jiaan.tumblr.com

Less Than 500 Press

small press producing illustrated poetry books

“All our books are print only, affordable, lovingly designed items.”

Check their website: www.lessthanfivehundred.com

Once Upon a Stack

imprint of artist Emily Jones

“I have a passion for bookish crafts in a miniaturist medium and specialise in the creation of bookish dioramas.”

Check their instagram: @onceuponastack

Sheffield Artist’s Book Centre

group of artists who hold the Artist’s Book Collection in Sheffield

“Bank Street Arts was established in Sheffield in 2008 by John Clark and specialised in hybrid or cross disciplinary work. The inaugural Sheffield Book Prize was held in the same year. The Prize grew over subsequent editions into an event and exhibition featuring over 450 books from over 40 countries at its peak. Banks Street Arts folded in 2017, but the collection of donated artist books still exists and continues to attract interest. With that in mind, a group of volunteers set up the Artist’s Book Centre in Sheffield in 2018. We continue to look at the collection and make it accessible.”

Check their website: artistsbookcentre.org.uk

Society of Bookbinders (East Midlands Region)

The Society of Bookbinders is a UK-based educational charity.

“We’re dedicated to traditional and contemporary bookbinding and to the preservation and conservation of the printed and written word.”

Regional groups hold regular meetings with classes, lectures, and social events, and organise visits and exhibitions.

Check their website: Society of Bookbinders (East Midlands)

close up of hands sewing a book on a sewing frame

Stefania Romano

a multimedia artist

“I am a self taught artists that enjoys discovery how to create meaning by using watercolours and collage, paper for creating books. “

Check their instagram: @lyra_and_the_lions

Sumiko Eadon

a Loughborough based artist

“My focus as an artist is abstract painting and other works on paper, as well as printmaking. The creation of sketchbooks and small books in an annex to my main practice, and the sale of these items help sustain my practice. My sketchbooks are handmade in different sizes and types, including small books. Some of the books I make are made of original fine-art prints.”

Check their instagram: @umikoseadon

Twisted Sticks

imprint of the artist Jonathan Turner

“I create books using wood from fallen trees. I cut and sand the wood to create the covers and spines. The cartridge paper text block is blank to allow for personal jottings. A continuous length of leather lancing then ties it all together”

Check their instagram: @twistedsticks78

Graham Woodward

photography and books about Nottingham and Wollaton

on Flickr: Graham Woodward

Wrapped up in Books

imprint of artist Holly Serjeant

“Using traditional tools and processes, I bind fancy and functional books with tactile leathers, bookcloths, decorative and marbled papers. I welcome commissions for handmade books, boxes and albums, and I restore, repair and rebind treasured books.”

Check their website: www.scrivenersbooks.co.uk

Wollaton Arts

The Wollaton Arts Festival links with the local schools, artists, venues, groups and open spaces to create a diverse programme for all. There are opportunities for people to come together to share food, music, singing, drama, photography and varied creative art activities.

We have been lucky enough to work with lots of artists and creative practitioners, as well as local community, culture, nature and heritage groups.

Find us on our website: https://wollatonarts.org