Notts Book Arts Swap – “Summer Holidays”

What it is

A fun way to stay in touch with other book artists and expand your own collection of handmade books and original art.

How do I participate?

Please sent an email with the following information to nottsbookarts@nottsbookartsfair by 1st of June 2023

  • subject: Notts Book Arts Swap 2023
  • Your name and mailing address in the message body
  • please mention whether you want to send (and receive) “national only” (UK) or “international”; everyone with a postal address outside the UK has to select “international”

It’s that easy.

  • Well, and then you make and send off a book with the topic “Summer Holidays” – and you’ll receive a book with the topic “Summer Holidays”.

What happens next after the Registration Phase?

Hilke and Jenny will collect the names and addresses of those who want to participate with two separate lists for those who and those who do not want to swap internationally. We’ll randomly assign swaps by mid June, and will contact you with one name and address to send your finished book to. You will most likely not receive a book from the same person you will send a book to. (So your address will never be publicly visible, and only one person will receive your postal data from us.)

Everyone creates an artist book to the topic of “Summer Holidays” or digs one out they made before of which they think it fits well. We’ll be happy to see your work in progress photos through out summer! Tag them with #nottsbookartsswap. But don’t give away yet who you are making the book for, as to not spoil the surprise for the recipient. And maybe you also want to wait with photos that give away the whole structure until the book has been gifted.

Sent off your book to the person we gave you by 15th September. You may give away who you, the maker, are when sending the book. So it’s not quite like a Secret Santa gift. We just would recommend keeping it secret until the book reached its destination. That way you’ll receive a surprise book, rather than one you have already seen online. Or maybe you’ll see a work in progress online, and unbeknownst to you it will be yours in the future.

When a book reaches you, let the sender know how much you like their book. Make photos of the book you received and share on social media. Please always credit the maker. And again, do use the tag with #nottsbookartsswap so that everyone can follow along.

Once you know your book has been received, feel free to share as many additional photos of your creation as you wish on your own social media.


1st June 2023 – Deadline for registration for the swap

Mid June 2023 – Learn who to send the book to.

15th September 2023 – Final Day for sending your Book off