Paula McCann – City Grid

This book combines my interest in grids and landscape. I often photograph details that I spot in urban environments. Patterns, grids, typography, signs, markers, drain covers etc.  

This piece came from experimenting with a simple type of concertina book that I call a snake book. Using this book form, I cut grids into the paper and layered different coloured sheets to create a repetition of windows in a city building.

Made in 2017

A Word from the Artist

I initially trained in graphic design. This included both bookbinding and book design modules. These were my favourite parts of the course. I became a book designer and worked in several large London publishing houses designing page layout and covers.

When I moved to Nottingham I took a degree in fine art. Nothing book related came into my coursework at that time. I thought that I’d already done all that. Little did I know! A few years after my degree I took some classes in bookbinding to further my knowledge. Learning about the art and craft of books renewed my interest and gave me the skills to start creating artists’ books.

My work is influenced by landscape and place, our interactions with it and things specifically related to particular places. I combine printmaking, cyanotype and graphic design with my love of folding, paper and book forms to make my artists’ books.

I am a member of Bookness Collective, a group of eight artists with diverse creative practices but with a shared interest in exploring Bookness in all it’s forms.

Buy the Work

City Grid is not for sale but there will be work to buy at the Notts Book Arts Fair on the Bookness Collective table. Other work can be seen on Instagram (see below)


Instagram: @paulamakesbooks 

Instagram @booknesscollective