Shal Mines – Chums

Hundreds of books get banished to the bin because they are damaged, out of date and no one wants them anymore. There is beauty in the illustrations that never get seen unlesss you’re looking at or reading the book and then they are gone from sight as soon as you close the cover again. I wanted to show the viewer that there is a different world that lives inside a book and I am briging it out for you to see.

the Artist’s Statement

“My work is driven by objects and materials that I discover when walking around antiques fairs, charity shops, car book sales, markets or even things left in the street. I often think about the life of the object, was it loved? Was it just a necessity? If it could talk, what would it tell me? I then begin to wonder what I could do with it. How does it inspire me? Is it the patina? Is it the colour? Is it the aesthetic? Or is it a combination of all these?

As an artist I am driven by objects and a desire to put objects that juxtapose to one another that may make the viewer question the relationships between the objects and materials used, I want to make the viewer consider these things in a way that they might not have done before.

I have used books in the past to bring the story from inside the book to the outside for the view to see as one image. Sometimes I keep the story as it was written then other times still only using the images from the book I create a sinister darker story or change the context altogether.”

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