Tim Shore – Your Order Number

On most Sunday mornings, during the UK lockdown in 2020 and 2021, I walked to a local park in Derby (where I live and work) where I’d buy a cup of coffee and an egg sandwich at the park tearooms. I carefully saved my food order ticket stubs.
Your Order Number is a 10-pocket accordion book with cover, that holds 10 loose numerically ordered ticket stubs. It’s made from a deconstructed greaseproof paper bag, and the ticket stubs are on newsprint-like paper.

About the Artist

Tim Shore is an artist interested in the marginal, ephemeral and overlooked, and how luck,
chance and anxiety can be embodied in small objects, such as books and other poetic objects.
He enjoys the freedoms and limitations of making books at home: what is possible and what is
utterly impractical.
Walking, looking, photographing and writing are all important to his practice, they allow Tim to
ground himself in an exploration of place, local histories, and the significance of the small and
mundane. Which he likes doing.

Buy the Work:

Your Order Number is for sale (£12 each). You’ll find more information on my website at


Artist’s Website: https://timothyshore.com